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Pulmonary hydatid embolization. Report on 2 operated cases and review of published reports.
  1. A Palant,
  2. V Deutsch,
  3. Y Kishon,
  4. Y Lieberman,
  5. J H Yahini,
  6. H N Neufeld


    Two patients with pulmonary hydatid embolization are described and commented upon in the light of 43 similar published cases. The diagnosis was strongly suspected from the medical history and the chest x-ray films and supported by angiocardiography. The angiocardiographic features of this condition have not been described previously in detail. They include amputation and filling defects of pulmonary artery branches, which are typically located proximal to a rounded tumour-like opacity seen on the plain x-ray film. Both patients underwent successful embolectomy.

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