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Monophasic action potentials of right atrium and electrophysiological properties of AV conducting system in patients with hypothyroidism.
  1. S Gavrilescu,
  2. C Luca,
  3. C Streian,
  4. G Lungu,
  5. G Deutsch


    In 12 patients with manifest hypothyroidism right atrial monophasic action potentials showed a significant prolongation in comparison with data from normal or euthyroid patients. Atrial effective refractory periods were also significantly prolonged. After thyroid treatment the monophasic action potential duration and the effective refractory period of the right atrium were within normal ranges. In 6 hypothyroid patients studies of AV conduction with the aid of His bundle electrography and atrial pacing showed a supraHisian conduction delay which was manifest in one case and latent in another two. InfraHisian conduction delay was encountered in 2 cases.

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