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Re-entrant tachycardia using two bypass tracts and excluding AV node in short PR interval, normal QRS syndrome.
  1. D E Ward,
  2. A J Camm,
  3. R A Spurrell


    In patients with the short PR interval, normal QRS complex syndrome, paroxysmal tachycardias are usually the result of circus movement involving the AV node and a partial or complete AV nodal bypass. We report 2 patients with this syndrome who suffered distressing rapid paroxysms of tachycardia but in whom there was evidence of a concealed direct VA connection. In both patients, tachycardia was initiated with critical AV prolongation distal to the His bundle, in response to programmed atrial premature stimuli. The constancy of the timing of the atrial echo from the onset of the QRS complex in the presence of a varying HV interval is evidence for involvement of the ventricles in the re-entry pathway. In addition, in both patients the appearance of left bundle-branch block during tachycardia was associated with appropriate prolongation of tachycardia cycle length consistent with the presence of a direct VA connection. The short AH interval during tachycardia and the absence of critical AH prolongation suggests the participation of a rapidly conducting pathway in the anterograde limb of the tachycardia circuit.

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