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Transposition of the great arteries. New technique for anatomical correction.
  1. J Aubert,
  2. A Pannetier,
  3. J P Couvelly,
  4. D Unal,
  5. F Rouault,
  6. A Delarue


    We describe a new technique for the correction of transposition of the great arteries by "detransposition". An aortopulmonary window is created and a patch placed over this and the coronary ostia so that the coronary arteries arisen from the new aorta. Thus, direct surgery on the coronary arteries is avoided with all the complications which may result from this in neonates and infants. A 4.2 kg infant, with transposition and ventricular septal defect, was successfully operated on using this technique. We discuss the indications for this type of operation and conclude that, until we have more experience, it should be used only in children with a left ventricular pressure at least half systemic.

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