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99mTc-imidodiphosphonate: a superior radio-pharmaceutical for in vivo positive myocardial infarct imaging. I: Experimental data.
  1. P J Ell,
  2. R Langford,
  3. P Pearce,
  4. D Lui,
  5. A T Elliott,
  6. N Woolf,
  7. E S Williams


    99mTc-Imidodiphosphonate (99mTc-IDP) was investigated as an agent for nuclear medicine imaging of acute myocardial infarctions. For this purpose a suitable animal model was found. After coronary artery ligation reproducible myocardial infarcts were obtained with 80% of surviving animals. Scans of the myocardial infarcts were recorded with a high resolution gamma camera and good quality images were obtained. 99mTc-IDP ratios for normal and infarcted tissue were calculated and compared with similar data available from other 99mTc-labelled phosphates. With an infarct/normal ratio of 21:1, 99mTc-IDP is so far the best radiopharmaceutical for nuclear medicine imaging of necrosed heart muscle. Images of the myocardial infarcts have been recorded as early as 6 hours after infarction.

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