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Results after mitral valve replacement with cloth-covered Starr-Edwards prostheses (models 6300, 6310/6320, and 6400).
  1. R Forman,
  2. W Beck,
  3. C N Barnard


    The actuarial survival and thromboembolic rates for the three types of cloth-covered Starr-Edwards mitral prostheses, models 6300, 6310/6320, and 6400 followed 6, 5, and 2 years, respectively, were not significantly different throughout the years they were followed. The combined cumulative survival and thromboembolic proportion at 5 years for these prostheses were 71 and 66 per cent, respectively. The thromboembolic rates were not different in the following two groups: (a) 238 patients receiving anticoagulants, and (b) 52 patients who had discontinued or who were not receiving anticoagulants. Four patients thrombosed their mitral prostheses. Another 8 per cent had class 3 symptoms after operation, which were attributed to myopathic or restrictive left ventricular dysfunction or other valvular disease.

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