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Existence of automaticity in anomalous bundle of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.
  1. J Przybylski,
  2. P A Chiale,
  3. M S Halpern,
  4. J O Lázzari,
  5. M V Elizari,
  6. M B Rosenbaum


    Escape beats probably arising from the anomalous bundle were documented in 2 patients with the Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome. A third patient, in whom complete AV block developed both in the anomalous bundle and the normal pathway, showed the occurrence of escape beats (an escape-bigeminy pattern), as well as a regular idioventricular rhythm arising from the anomalous bundle. Phase 4 block in the anomalous bundle occurred in 7 other patients, in 4 of them spontaneously and in 3 only after the administration of ajmaline or amiodarone. Only 4 of 14 fully investigated patients (out of a total number of 23) showed absence of both escape beats and phase 4 block. The escape beats were considered as direct evidence, and the phase 4 block as indirect evidence, for the existence of automaticity in the anomalous bundle. Such evidence supports the view that the anomalous bundle, like the His bundle-branch system, may be composed of specialised tissue endowed with the property of automaticity.

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