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Re-entry via Mahaim fibres as a possible basis for tachycardia.
  1. P Touboul,
  2. R M Vexler,
  3. M T Chatelain


    Paroxysmal tachycardia with widened QRS complexes was recorded in a 21-year-old man. In sinus rhythm there was no evidence of pre-excitation. His bundle studies revealed an abnormally short HV interval of 30 ms. Premature atrial stimuli produced an increased PR interval. At short coupling intervals the His bundle activity became incorporated within the QRS complex. Concurrently, a left bundle-branch block pattern appeared identical to that seen during tachycardia. Closely coupled ventricular extrastimuli initiated a tachycardia identical to the initial episode. A re-entry mechanism via anterograde Mahaim fibres and retrograde His bundle -AV node pathway is postulated.

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