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Mahaim conduction producing left axis deviation and normal QRS.
  1. H Matsuguchi,
  2. A Takeshita,
  3. N Makino,
  4. S Tanaka,
  5. O Nakagaki,
  6. A Kuroiwa,
  7. M Nakamura


    An unusual patient is described in whom electrophysiological studies strongly suggest the occurrence of Mahaim conduction. The patient whose electrocardiogram previously showed a left anterior hemiblock pattern then developed advanced atrioventricular (AV) block (AH block). Beats conducted through the atrioventricular node always had a short HV interval (20 ms) and QRS complexes of left anterior hemiblock pattern. Junctional escape beats always had a normal HV interval (50 ms) with normal intraventricular conduction. His bundle pacing showed the StV interval and QRS contour of escape beats. These findings suggest the existence of an accessory pathway (Mahaim fibres) passing from the area of block, presumably the uppermost portion of the His bundle, to the posteroinferior division of the left bundle-branch. The surface electrocardiogram did not show the characteristic delta wave of the Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Our observations suggest that patients in whom there is conduction along Mahaim fibres may show only the pattern of intraventricular conduction defect without a delta wave.

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