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Pulmonary hypertension and sudden death in aortic stenosis.
  1. M M McHenry,
  2. J Rice,
  3. H J Matlof,
  4. M D Flamm, Jr


    Sudden death is now an infrequent occurrence in severe aortic stenosis. However, an impressive increase in pulmonary arteriolar resistance has been found in some patients with end-stage aortic stenosis dying suddenly or deteriorating suddenly after catheterisation. Pulmonary hypertension does not seem to cause sudden death, but, in conjunction with decreased cardiac output, a critical reduction in aortic orifice area, and left ventricular failure, pulmonary hypertension identifies a population at significant risk. The rare finding of severe pulmonary hypertension in aortic stenosis should be considered an important marker for sudden death and in association with left ventricular failure may indicate an urgent need for valve replacement, regardless of the apparent clinical condition of the patient. In a small number of subjects catheterised postoperatively, increased pulmonary arteriolar resistance lessened rapidly.

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