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Two-chambered right ventricle: simulating two-chambered left ventricle.
  1. A Beitzke,
  2. R H Anderson,
  3. J L Wilkinson,
  4. E A Shinebourne


    Two cases are described of a most unusual variant of two-chambered right ventricle. In both the ventricular septal defect was between the distal chamber of the right ventricle and the left ventricle. However the extensive dividing 'septum' between proximal and distal parts of the right ventricle converted the latter, haemodynamically, into part of the left ventricle. In the first case the distal chamber supported the aorta in the left anterior position, the pulmonary artery arising from the proximal part of the right ventricle. In the second the pulmonary artery arose from the distal chamber and the aorta from the proximal chamber. Though in both the ventriculoarterial connection was double outlet right ventricle, functionally there was arterial concordance in case 1 and discordance in case 2. A further disconcerting feature was the resemblance of the distal right ventricular chamber to the rudimentary chamber of a univentricular heart of left ventricular type.

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