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Atresia of the right atrioventricular orifice with atrioventricular concordance.
  1. D F Dickinson,
  2. J L Wilkinson,
  3. A Smith,
  4. R H Anderson


    Three hearts are described in which a fibrous membrane was interposed between the right atrium and a formed but hypoplastic right ventricle, which possessed recognisable inlet, trabecular, and infundibular components. In these hearts the distribution of the conducting tissue was as expected for concordant atrioventricular connections, and contrasts with that seen in the classical type of 'tricuspid atresia'. The distinctive morphological and histological features of these specimens lend further support to our view that the majority of cases of atresia of the right atrioventricular orifice should be regarded as coming within the designation of 'the univentricular heart'.

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