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Effects of amiodarone on sinus node in man.
  1. P Touboul,
  2. G Atallah,
  3. A Gressard,
  4. G Kirkorian


    The effects of amiodarone on the sinuatrial node were studied in 24 patients after an intravenous injection of the drug (5 mg/kg). Sinuatrial function was assessed by rapid atrial pacing and premature atrial stimulation. Sinus cycle length did not change significantly, but the corrected sinus node recovery time was prolonged. While there was no significant change in sinuatrial conduction time, prolongation of the non-reset zone in 14 cases, as well as the abolition of the platesu in 2/24 patients, suggested that conduction of the atrial responses to the sinus node might have been depressed.

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