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Beneficial effects of intravenous glyceryl trinitrate in a case of Prinzmetal angina.
  1. E Antman,
  2. S Gunther,
  3. W Barry


    A case is described of the successful use of intravenous glyceryl trinitrate in controlling ischaemia-induced high-grade ventricular ectopic activity occurring in a patient during a Prinzmetal angina attack. The intravenous form of glyceryl trinitrate is probably more effective than the sublingual form in controlling arrhythmias arising during acute ischaemic episodes because of prompt delivery of the drug to the coronary circulation where vasodilation occurs. In addition,the ability to control the quantity and rate of drug delivery with an intravenous infusion offers distinct advantages in cases of coronary spasm occurring during situations such as coronary arteriography where it can be administered with careful electrocardiographic and haemodynamic monitoring.

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