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Multicentre post-infarction trial of propranolol in 49 hospitals in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Yugoslavia.
  1. N S Baber,
  2. D W Evans,
  3. G Howitt,
  4. M Thomas,
  5. T Wilson,
  6. J A Lewis,
  7. P M Dawes,
  8. K Handler,
  9. R Tuson


    A multicentre study of survivors of an anterior myocardial infarction is reported. The trial consisted of 720 patients and was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study with propranolol 40 mg three times a day. Trial entry was at two to 14 days (mean 8.5 days) and follow-up at one, three, and in most centres, six and nine months. The trial was designed to detect a 50 per cent reduction in mortality and this was not shown. The non-fatal reinfarction rate was similar in both groups. Subgroup analysis identified several prognostic risk factors for death, none of which interacted with treatment.

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