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Coital blood pressure in hypertensives. Cephalgia, syncope, and the effects of beta-blockade.
  1. S Mann,
  2. M W Craig,
  3. B A Gould,
  4. D I Melville,
  5. E B Raftery


    During the continuous monitoring of intra-arterial blood pressure in ambulant hypertensive subjects, 18 episodes of coitus were recorded in 11 subjects. Peak values of up to 300/175 mmHg found, the mean for men being 237/138 mmHg and for women 216/127 mmHg. Two patients with coital symptoms (cephalgia and syncope) showed no unusual responses and, when restudied after beta-blockade, one subject showed no reduction in peak coital blood pressure. The results complement those found previously in normal subjects and demonstrate the potential of the technique in investigating coital symptoms.

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