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Pyrophosphate heart scan in patients with progressive systemic sclerosis.
  1. F Duska,
  2. P Bradna,
  3. J Novák,
  4. J Kubícek,
  5. J Vizda,
  6. P Kafka,
  7. Y Mazurová,
  8. V Blaha


    Scintigraphic examination of the myocardium, using 99mTc-labelled pyrophosphate, was carried out in 17 patients suffering from systemic sclerosis. This connective tissue disorder very often affects the myocardium secondarily. The results of the cardiac scan were compared with the information obtained from the electrocardiogram of systolic time intervals. In addition, spirometry was undertaken to detect a potential relation between cardiac and pulmonary involvement. The scan was found to be positive in seven patients and electrocardiographic findings were pathological in five patients only. The systolic time intervals were abnormal in three patients only. A ventilation disturbance was recorded in 10 patients. No clear relation was found between the results of the individual examinations. It is concluded that pyrophosphate heart scintigraphy may detect myocardial impairment in some cases of systemic sclerosis before it is manifested by heart failure. Examination of systolic time intervals is of little importance.

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