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Effects of renal transplantation on left ventricular size and function.
  1. M Ikäheimo,
  2. M Linnaluoto,
  3. K Huttunen,
  4. J Takkunen


    Thirteen patients with chronic renal failure and uraemia were investigated by echocardiography preoperatively before and after haemodialysis and again after a successful renal transplantation to evaluate the cardiac changes caused by renal transplantation. After renal transplantation, the left ventricular end-diastolic and end-systolic diameters, as well as the cardiac index, decreased, probably because of the decreased left ventricular filling pressure. The left ventricular wall thickness and mass decreased, apparently as a result of the decrease of the left ventricular preload and also of the decrease of the afterload, because the systolic blood pressure decreased. The left atrial diameter decreased in response to the decreased left ventricular preload and wall hypertrophy. The changes in the indices of left ventricular function as a result of haemodialysis appeared to predict the changes seen after renal transplantation. Renal transplantation appears to have a tendency to result in normal left ventricular and left atrial volumes, as well as to lessen left ventricular hypertrophy, without significantly improving left ventricular function.

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