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Abnormal Q waves in right sided chest leads provoked by onset of right bundle-branch block in patients with anteroseptal infarction.
  1. M B Rosenbaum,
  2. L A Girotti,
  3. J O Lázzari,
  4. M S Halpern,
  5. M V Elizari


    In five cases of anteroseptal myocardial infarction complicated by intermittent right bundle-branch block, the onset of right bundle-branch block provoked the appearance of abnormal Q waves in leads V1 and V2, whereas a small initial R wave was present in the same leads during normal conduction. The intermittency of the conduction disturbance indicated that the Q waves were "right bundle-branch block dependent". It was also apparent that right bundle-branch block shifted the electrical location of the infarct towards the right, and made it look much larger. Right bundle-branch block dependent Q waves may arise during the acute stage of an anterior infarct suggesting, fallaciously, that an acute extension has occurred, or during the chronic stage, leading to the erroneous supposition that a new infarct had developed. The abnormal Q waves anteroseptal infarction complicated by fixed right bundle-branch block, though obviously related to the infarct, may be dependent on the right bundle-branch block.

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