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Coronary bypass for acute rest angina. 10 year follow-up.
  1. W R Rogers,
  2. D N Wysham


    We followed up for 6.5 to 10.3 years 100 consecutive patients who had had coronary bypasses (1.8 per person) for acute angina at rest. There was a mean of 2.1 coronary stenoses per person. Mortality rates were 1.4% per postoperative year, or 2.2 times that of normal subjects of the same age. Angina was usually satisfactorily relieved but severe recurrences, mainly from late graft closure, required reoperation in 20 patients. Life style has been preserved; and 91 resumed work, with 52 at an average age of 61 years continuing to work eight years later. Better results that these may be obtained from the improved diagnostic and therapeutic methods of the 1980's.

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