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Removal of embolised catheters using flexible endoscopy forceps.
  1. T R Shaw


    Five cases are described in which embolised catheters were removed percutaneously from the right side of the heart. Flexible endoscopy biopsy forceps were used in four cases and achieved removal in two: in the two other cases the catheter lay in a position which could not be reached by the biopsy forceps mouth, and retrieval was made with a helical wire basket after dislodgment of the proximal end of the catheter. In a fifth case a catheter fragment was removed from the pulmonary artery with endoscopy grasping forceps. Flexible endoscopy forceps provide a very firm grip and with a Teflon sleeve they can be negotiated around curves. They have limited manoeuvrability but W-shape "grasping" forceps have a large mouth, which helps to overcome this limitation.

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