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Reoperation after aortocoronary bypass procedure. Results in 53 patients in a group of 1041 with consecutive first operations.
  1. K Laird-Meeter,
  2. M J van den Brand,
  3. P W Serruys,
  4. O C Penn,
  5. M M Haalebos,
  6. E Bos,
  7. P G Hugenholtz


    Of 1041 patients with consecutive aortocoronary bypass operations, 53 (5.1%) underwent reoperation during a mean follow-up time of three and a half years. The operative mortality of first operations was 1.2%, and of reoperations 3.8%. The anatomical reason for reoperation was failure of the bypass graft in 41 (77%) patients, which in 18 was accompanied by progression of disease. Progression alone was seen in seven (13%). When symptoms occurred within six months after the first operation, failure of the bypass graft(s) was nearly always found--in 32 out of 36 instances. Progression in non-bypassed arteries was seen only when symptoms occurred later. Late results in angina pectoris were less favourable in the group undergoing reoperation: 31 (65%) of the 48 operated on twice and 406 (46%) of the 877 patients operated on once still had angina at late follow-up. The same fraction in both groups was improved by operation: 88% versus 89%.

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