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Q waves and ventricular extrasystoles in resting electrocardiograms. A 16 year follow up in Busselton study.
  1. K Cullen,
  2. K L Wearne,
  3. N S Stenhouse,
  4. G N Cumpston


    Isolated abnormalitites in the resting electrocardiograms of 1546 Busselton people with no history of angina or past myocardial infarction were examined in relation to 16 year mortality. Multivariate discriminate analysis in men showed significant independent relationship for Q waves with coronary heart disease and for ventricular extrasystoles with cardiovascular disease. In women multivariate analysis showed significant relations for ventricular extrasystoles with total mortality and coronary heart disease. There were higher trends in mortality for both men and women with frequent ventricular extrasystoles compared with those with infrequent ventricular extrasystoles.

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