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Use of radionuclide labelled microspheres to show the distribution of the pulmonary perfusion with multifocal pulmonary blood supply.
  1. E J Baker,
  2. J Malamitsi,
  3. O D Jones,
  4. M N Maisey,
  5. M J Tynan


    In pulmonary atresia with a ventricular septal defect and similar congenital heart disorders the pulmonary blood supply is often multifocal. The relative distribution of pulmonary perfusion from individual sources is usually demonstrated by selective angiography. A new technique using a selective injection of radionuclide labelled human albumin microspheres was performed in four patients with a complex pulmonary blood supply. In these cases the physiological distribution of each of the multiple sources of pulmonary perfusion was demonstrated. This is a useful additional technique in the assessment of such patients.

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