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Diffuse non-specific aortitis with multiple saccular aneurysms and aorto-enteric fistula.
  1. A K Mukhopadhayay,
  2. P Chopra


    A rare variant of non-specific aortitis was found at necropsy in a young hypertensive woman. The aorta showed severe, extensive, non-specific aortitis with multiple saccular aneurysms containing thrombi throughout its length except for 2 cm from its bifurcation. A fistulous tract was identified leading from an aortic aneurysm at the level of the renal arteries to the second part of the duodenum. Both renal artery ostia were narrowed. The small intestine contained 2 litres of blood, at necropsy. Bilateral ischaemic atrophy of the kidneys was present.

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