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A new non-invasive estimation of the stenotic aortic valve area by pulsed Doppler mapping.
  1. C Veyrat,
  2. C Gourtchiglouian,
  3. P Dumora,
  4. G Abitbol,
  5. D Sainte Beuve,
  6. D Kalmanson


    A new pulsed Doppler mapping technique has been used to measure the severity of aortic valve stenosis. The Doppler examination was performed at the site of the aortic orifice in the parasternal short axis echocardiographic view and the method was based on the detection of the area of systolic flow through the stenotic orifice. This area was derived by planimetry and the measurements obtained by the Doppler method were compared with the aortic valve area calculated at catheterisation according to the Gorlin formula. The method was applicable in 41 of the 44 patients studied. The Doppler data were consistent with the haemodynamic measurements even in patients with decreased cardiac index. It is concluded that this new application of the flow mapping procedure is reliable and is easily applied to adult patients with a wide range of clinical conditions.

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