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Thallium scintigraphy in patients with angina at rest.
  1. R J Lee,
  2. G MacKenzie,
  3. W McNair,
  4. N P Campbell,
  5. A A Adgey
  1. Regional Medical Cardiology Centre, Belfast.


    Sixty six patients with angina at rest were investigated by exercise electrocardiography, thallium scintigraphy, and coronary arteriography. A positive exercise electrocardiogram was highly predictive (93%) but poorly sensitive (52%) of coronary artery disease (greater than or equal to 50% stenosis). Thallium scintigraphy was as predictive of the presence of coronary artery disease (91%) but was also highly sensitive (91%). The diagnostic contribution of the thallium scan was greatest in those patients with an inconclusive exercise electrocardiogram without Q waves.

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