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Hour-glass deformity of the pulmonary valve: a third type of pulmonary valve stenosis.
  1. S Milo,
  2. A Fiegel,
  3. A Shem-Tov,
  4. H N Neufeld,
  5. D A Goor
  1. Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Sheba Medical Centre, Tel Hashomer, Israel.


    In the 12 years from 1975 to 1987, 55 patients had open pulmonary valve surgery for isolated congenital stenosis of the pulmonary valve. Three types of pulmonary stenosis were seen: (a) dome-shaped pulmonary stenosis (34 patients); (b) dysplastic pulmonary valves with thick cauliflower-like cusps (12 patients), and (c) hour-glass deformity of the pulmonary valve, with "bottle-shaped" sinuses (nine patients). This third type has not been described before. Preoperative identification of the valve structure is important because the choice of treatment (balloon dilatation for some dome-shaped valves and excision for dysplastic and hour-glass valves) depends on the type of stenosis.

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