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Assessment of the severity of mitral regurgitation from the dynamics of retrograde flow.
  1. J A Bradley,
  2. D G Gibson
  1. Department of Cardiology, Brompton Hospital, London.


    Sixty four consecutive patients with isolated mitral regurgitation referred for Doppler echocardiography were divided into three groups: group 1, 20 patients with severe mitral regurgitation that required operation; group 2, 22 patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction and secondary mitral regurgitation; and group 3, 22 patients with mild to moderate mitral regurgitation that did not require valve operation. M mode and continuous wave Doppler traces with a simultaneous electrocardiogram and phonocardiogram were analysed to identify time intervals that could be used to distinguish patients who needed valve operation from those who did not. An interval of less than 55 ms between the aortic component of the second heart sound (A2) and the cessation of mitral retrograde flow was a powerful predictor that the patient required operation (sensitivity 100% and specificity 86%). The mean (SD) value of this variable in group 1 (40(15) ms) was significantly lower than in group 2 (90(35)ms) and group 3 (75(20)ms). Mean isovolumic relaxation time was less than normal in group 1 but did not differ significantly between groups. Deceleration of regurgitant velocity at end ejection was greater in group 1. The pressure drop from the left ventricle to the left atrium at A2 of less than 50% of the peak gradient also identified patients who needed valve operation (sensitivity 75% and specificity 68%). These findings may help to identify patients who require operation. They suggest that there are significant differences in the dynamics of flow velocities in patients with mitral regurgitation, possibly related to the relative resistances to retrograde and anterograde and anterograde flow.

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