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Embolisation of a complex coronary arteriovenous fistula in a 6 year old child: the need for specialised embolisation techniques.
  1. J F Reidy,
  2. M J Tynan,
  3. S Qureshi
  1. Department of Radiology, Guy's Hospital, London.


    Transcatheter embolisation was performed in a six year old child with a large haemodynamically significant arteriovenous fistula between the left coronary artery and right ventricle. The fistula seemed to fill via a single large septal branch of the left anterior descending coronary artery. This was occluded distally with a detachable balloon backed up by a proximal coil. After this the flow through the fistula was considerably reduced but it still filled via a small diagonal branch that had not been noted previously. This branch was subsequently occluded in its most distal part by a coaxial catheter technique and a single microcoil. Complete occlusion of the fistula was produced and there were no complications.

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