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Familial aneurysms of the interventricular septum.
  1. M R Chen,
  2. M L Rigby,
  3. A N Redington
  1. Department of Paediatric Cardiology, Royal Brompton and National Heart Hospital, London.


    Congenital aneurysms of the interventricular septum were found in a 29 year old man and his four year old son. Both were symptom free. In both, M mode and cross sectional echocardiography showed an aneurysm in the mid-muscular trabecular portion of the ventricular septum with considerable paradoxical motion of the aneurysmal segment. Otherwise the chamber dimensions, intracardiac structures, and cardiac function were normal for age. Congenital aneurysm of the interventricular septum is rare and these familial cases may be unique.

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