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Mycotic aneurysm of left subclavian artery.
  1. S K Vyas,
  2. N W Law,
  3. C A Loehry
  1. Department of Medicine, Royal Bournemouth General Hospital, East Dorset.


    Bacterial endarteritis is rare and usually affects the abdominal aorta. A case of bacterial left subclavian arteritis complicated by mycotic aneurysm is presented. An early diagnosis of infective arteritis was made based on a history of fever, sweats, rigors, and a progressive macular rash, polyarthralgia splinter haemorrhage (limited to the left arm), and a loud left subclavian bruit on admission. A mycotic aneurysm was diagnosed by computed tomography and treated surgically. In cases of endarteritis the possibility of a mycotic aneurysm should be borne in mind even when there is no evidence of endocarditis.

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