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Exercise induced vasodepressor syncope.
  1. J. F. Sneddon,
  2. G. Scalia,
  3. D. E. Ward,
  4. W. J. McKenna,
  5. A. J. Camm,
  6. M. P. Frenneaux
  1. Department of Cardiological Sciences, St George's Hospital Medical School, London.


    Five cases of exercise induced pure vasodepressor syncope in patients without significant structural heart disease are reported. Hypotension and symptoms of syncope or pre-syncope were induced by treadmill exercise testing and in each case limited exercise performance. Evidence of inappropriate peripheral vasodilation, probably as a consequence of ventricular mechanoreceptor stimulation, was shown in all five patients. Head up tilt testing resulted in hypotension in four patients and isoprenaline infusion in the supine position resulted in hypotension in the fifth. These patients had a new condition of exercise induced neurally mediated (vasodepressor) syncope without appreciable structural cardiac abnormalities.

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