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The multi-track angiography catheter: a new tool for complex catheterisation in congenital heart disease.
  1. P. Bonhoeffer,
  2. J. F. Piéchaud,
  3. O. Stümper,
  4. D. Bonnet,
  5. Y. Aggoun,
  6. D. Sidi,
  7. J. Kachaner
  1. Service de Cardiologie Pédiatrique, Hôpital Necker, Enfants-Malades, Paris, France.


    OBJECTIVE: To develop a simple and versatile catheter system for complex cardiac catheterisation because angiography and pressure measurements during diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterisation are often unsatisfactory. METHODS: The Multi-Track Angio catheter system is a single lumen side-hole catheter with a short distal extension containing a lumen for a standard guidewire. The catheter is introduced over a previously placed guidewire running through this distal extension. It can then be manipulated within the heart by sliding along the guidewire. The tip of the catheter is always stabilised by the guidewire. This stability enhances angiography and pressure recordings. RESULTS: The Multi-Track Angio catheter system was used in 84 patients (age 1 day-20 years). Thirty one procedures were diagnostic and 53 interventional. The decision to use the Multi-Track Angio catheter was based on three criteria: firstly, unsatisfactory angiography obtained with conventional equipment; secondly, difficult catheter course requiring use of a guidewire; and thirdly, requirement for angiography and pressure recordings during interventional procedures. No complications were encountered. High quality angiography could be performed in all cases without catheter recoil. CONCLUSIONS: The Multi-Track Angio catheter system allows for high quality angiography and pressure recordings during diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterisation. The advantage of the system is that both angiography and pressure recordings can be performed repeatedly from stable catheter positions using a previously placed guidewire. This reduces the need for guidewire manipulations or catheter exchanges and decreases procedure time and the risk of complications.

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