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Early implantation of multiple spring coils for severe haemolysis after incomplete transcatheter occlusion of persistent arterial duct.
  1. Y. F. Cheung,
  2. M. P. Leung,
  3. K. T. Chau
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Grantham Hospital, University of Hong Kong, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.


    An 18 month old girl with an angiographically measured ductus of 4.5 mm underwent transcatheter occlusion of the persistent arterial duct with a 17 mm Rashkind umbrella and an occluding spring coil. Severe intravascular haemolysis developed 20 hours later. Significant residual ductal leakage was noted and the residual duct measured 6 mm. Previous underestimation might have been related to ductal spasm as a catheter was placed across the duct before angiography. The haemolysis was abolished within 48 hours by a previously unreported approach of antegrade transcatheter closure of the residual duct by multiple spring coils.

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