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Percutaneous transhepatic dual chamber pacing in children with Fontan circulation.
  1. S. S. Adwani,
  2. N. Sreeram,
  3. J. V. DeGiovanni
  1. Department of Cardiology, Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust, United Kingdom.


    Permanent pacing is often required following the Fontan operation and is usually performed epicardially as there is no direct access to the ventricle from the systemic veins. Dual chamber endocardial pacing was achieved by the transhepatic approach in two children with Fontan circulation. The patients were a 7 year old boy with left atrial isomerism, single ventricle with pulmonary stenosis, interrupted inferior vena caval vein with azygous continuation, and direct drainage of the hepatic veins to the right sided atrium, and a 6 year old girl with tricuspid atresia. This approach to endocardial pacemaker implantation is potentially of considerable value in patients who do not have direct access to the ventricle from the systemic veins.

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