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Multiple coronary artery-left ventricular fistulae: haemodynamic quantification by intracoronary Doppler ultrasound.
  1. A. Meissner,
  2. M. Lins,
  3. G. Herrmann,
  4. R. Simon
  1. Department of Cardiology, University of Kiel, Germany.


    Multiple coronary artery-left ventricular fistulae involving all three major coronary arteries are extremely rare. Clinical findings are heterogeneous but include a history of typical or atypical angina pectoris in most cases. Coronary arteriography in a 65 year old woman who presented with chest pain at rest revealed multiple fine fistulae arising from the left anterior descending, left circumflex, and right coronary arteries. Left-to-left shunt was estimated by measurements of coronary artery flow velocity with intravascular Doppler ultrasound.

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