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Dietary precautions and listeria endocarditis?
  1. Cardiac Unit,
  2. Antrim Area Hospital,
  3. Bush Road,
  4. Antrim, UK

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Sir,—We read with interest the article by Spyrou and colleagues1 in which Listeria monocytogenes was presented as an uncommon pathogen in infective endocarditis (58 cases in the literature). We have identified three further case reports2-4 and describe a patient with this condition who was recently under our care.

A 76 year old woman was admitted to our institution with a three month history of extreme lethargy, anorexia, and increasing dyspnoea. One month before admission she had been treated for a urinary tract infection and was noted to have a florid rash over both legs. A third mitral valve replacement, …

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