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Antismoking campaigns
  1. M K DAVIES,

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Stamps emphasising the health hazards of smoking have appeared as part of health and fitness (Tonga 1983, Australia 1990), antidrug/addiction campaigns (Belgium Red Cross stamps 1978), and the promotion of non-smoking days (Mexico 1990, Brunei 1994). The Japanese stamp commemorates the sixth international smoking and health conference held in Tokyo in 1987. Two contrasting designs are used—the pink complexion of the queen holding a bird and the blue complexion of the king smoking a cigarette. The stamp also illustrates the principle and value of a visual message rather than text in a specific language in promoting international health awareness. Perhaps the largest single issue of antismoking stamps was in April 1980 when the World Health Day theme was “Smoking or health, the choice is yours”. Cardiovascular and respiratory disease (particularly lung cancer) were some of the most prominent topics in these issues often incorporating some gruesome designs. The stamp from China illustrates both cardiac and respiratory health hazards of smoking as does the stamp from Portugal, which also shows an emaciated hand holding a cigarette.