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Haemodynamic patterns in patients with scorpion envenomation. D R Karnad. Heart 1998; 79 :485–9.

The wrong fig 1 was published in this article; the correct figure is printed below. In addition, the title and column headings for table 2 were incorrect and should have read as follows:

Figure 1

Postulated sequence of events following scorpion envenomation. Haemodynamic changes may result from either predominantly vascular or predominantly myocardial effects of the venom. While a transition from the vascular to the myocardial pattern has been reported in animals, this has not been demonstrated clearly in humans.

Table 2 Haemodynamic data classified according to clinical syndromes observed in eight patients with scorpion envenomation and the effect of afterload reduction with captopril. Systemic hypertension is a predominantly vascular effect of the venom; pulmonary oedema, hypovolaemic shock, and cardiogenic shock are predominantly myocardial effects.

Column headings—Variable; Normal range; Systemic hypertension (n = 1); Pulmonary oedema (n = 7); Hypovolaemic shock (n = 3); Cardiogenic shock (n = 1); After captopril (n = 7).

The data for each column were correct as published. These errors are regretted.

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