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The Asian-Pacific Society of Cardiology was formed in the Philippines in 1956 and the 8th Asian-Pacific Congress of Cardiology was held in Taipei in 1983. To celebrate this occasion the Directorate General of Posts, Republic of China issued two stamps that were released on 27 November, the opening day of the congress. The NTs 18 stamp was designed by Mr Lee Kuang-chi and printed by the China Color Printing Co, Inc, Republic of China. The stamps were printed in sheets of 100 and 1.2 million of this value were issued.

The 4.50 drachma stamp from Greece issued in 1968 commemorates the 5th European Congress of Cardiology held in Athens. It features the “Hand of Aesculapius” from a fragment of bas relief from Asclepios’ Temple, Athens.

The stamp from the Philippines was issued to mark the 11th World Congress of Cardiology held in Manila in 1990.