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Heart foundations on stamps (1)
  1. M K DAVIES,

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New Zealand has issued health stamps each year since 1929. These stamps always bear a charity surcharge and were originally used to support health camps for children. A set of two health stamps was issued on 2 August 1978. The first commemorates the 50th anniversary of health stamp issues, and the original stamp from 1929 has been reproduced in the design. There were two versions of the 1929 stamp, which are identical apart from the inscription. The original stamp was inscribed “Help stamp outtuberculosis” and the later issue “Help promote health”. The second 1978 health stamp, depicting cardiac surgery, commemorates the 10th anniversary of the formation of the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand, which was incorporated under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act on 26 April 1968. The emblem of the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand is incorporated in the lower left corner of the main stamp design. These stamps were on sale for nearly a year until 30 June 1979.