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Middle aortic syndrome treated by stent implantation


Objectives To determine outcome of stent implantation in patients with middle aortic syndrome.

Design Prospective study, case series.

Setting A tertiary paediatric cardiology centre in a children’s hospital.

Patients Five patients, aged 4 to 17 years (mean 11.4 years), with upper limb hypertension due to middle aortic syndrome.

Intervention Stents were implanted in the mid/lower thoracic/upper abdominal aorta.

Main outcome measure Satisfactory deployment of stents and blood pressure control.

Results In all patients, angiocardiography showed long segment stenosis in the mid or lower thoracic/upper abdominal aorta. The pressure gradient was between 40 and 90  mm Hg (mean 63.2  mm Hg). Seven Palmaz stents were implanted. Immediately after implantation, the gradient decreased to between 0 and 35  mm Hg (mean 13.6  mm Hg). Angiography showed a satisfactory result with widely patent stents in all. In one patient, thrombosis of the stent occurred six days after implantation. This was successfully treated with infusion of alteplase, further balloon dilatation, and implantation of a second stent overlapping the first, both dilated to 10 mm diameter. One patient had elective redilatation of the stent six months after implantation, with further reduction of the gradient from 35  mm Hg to 10  mm Hg. At the latest follow up between three and 20 months (mean 12.2 months) after stent implantation, in four patients blood pressure was better controlled with antihypertensive drugs. One patient was normotensive without drugs. Computed tomography showed no aneurysm formation in the region of the stents.

Conclusions Stent implantation is a preferable alternative to surgery in the treatment of patients with middle aortic syndrome and merits further evaluation.

  • middle aortic syndrome
  • stent implantation
  • paediatric cardiology
  • interventional cardiology

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