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Nurse led, multidisciplinary intervention in chronic heart failure
  1. Researcher, Department of Nursing Science
  2. University of Maastricht
  3. Netherlands Heart Foundation
  4. PO Box 300, 2501 CH Den Haag, Netherlands
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Editor,—To complement the editorial by McMurray and Stewart,1 I present the results of a recent study from the Netherlands in which we randomised 179 patients (mean age 73 years), hospitalised with heart failure to intervention by a specially appointed nurse or to usual care. The intervention was intensive, systematised, and planned education by a study nurse about the consequences of heart failure in daily life, using a standard nursing care plan. During hospital stay, the study nurse assessed patients’ needs, provided education and support to patients (and family), gave patients a card with warning symptoms, and discussed discharge. Within one week after discharge the study nurse telephoned patients to assess potential …

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