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A new ECG sign of an accessory pathway in sinus rhythm: pseudo partial right bundle branch block
  1. E W Lau,
  2. G A Ng,
  3. M J Griffith
  1. Department of Cardiology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TH, UK
  1. Dr Lau. e-mail: e.w.lau{at}


It is clinically important to be able to detect the presence of an accessory pathway, as pre-excited atrial fibrillation is a well recognised cause of sudden cardiac death, for which there is a potential “cure” in the form of radiofrequency ablation of the pathway. The classic manifestations such as a shortened PR interval or delta waves may not always be present. In certain patients a pseudo partial right bundle block pattern—that is, an rSr′ complex in lead V1— may be the sole manifestation of a left sided accessory pathway. An electrophysiological mechanism is proposed for this pattern and it is suggested that this pattern may be used as a new ECG sign for diagnosing an accessory pathway in sinus rhythm.

  • accessory pathway
  • sinus rhythm
  • pseudo right bundle branch block

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