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de Musset sign
  1. M K DAVIES,

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The de Musset sign is a visible nodding of the head in time with arterial pulsation in patients with aortic insufficiency. Alfred de Musset (1810–57) was a French poet. George Sand became his mistress but left him for Chopin. The sign was first described by his brother Paul in the biography he wrote about Alfred. Paul and his mother observed it while they were having breakfast in 1842. When told of this Alfred put his thumb and forefinger on his neck and the head stopped nodding. He said, “You see, this dreadful malady is cured by a method which is not only simple but inexpensive as well.”

Alfred de Musset

Used to call his cat pusse

His accent was affected

That was to be expected.

Alfred de Musset appears on a French stamp from 1951. A set of six stamps was issued on 2 June 1951 depicting 19th century celebrities for the National Relief Fund charity. Other personalities shown on higher values were Gay-Lussac and Napoleon.