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Safety of the transpulmonary ultrasound contrast agent NC100100: a clinical and haemodynamic evaluation in patients with suspected or proved coronary artery disease
  1. Y Myrenga,
  2. P Mølstada,
  3. K Ytre-Arnea,
  4. M Aasa,
  5. L Stoksfloda,
  6. J Ø Nossenb,
  7. B Oftedalb
  1. aThe Feiring Heart Clinic, N-2093 Feiring, Norway, bClinical Research and Development, Nycomed Imaging AS, N-0454 Oslo, Norway
  1. Dr Myreng. email: ymyreng{at}


OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical and haemodynamic safety of NC100100, a new transpulmonary ultrasound contrast agent intended for vascular use.

DESIGN Pulmonary artery pressures and gas exchange, left ventricular and systemic blood pressure and ECG were measured at baseline, after saline injection, and after each of two increasing doses of NC100100 injected intravenously.

PATIENTS 30 patients who were evaluated for suspected coronary artery disease.

RESULTS No change was detected in any of the haemodynamic variables, or in haematological or clinical chemical parameters. Blood gases were unchanged, as were heart rhythm and arterial oxygen saturation. No serious adverse reactions were reported.

CONCLUSIONS NC100100 appeared to be haemodynamically inert and safe in patients with coronary artery disease.

  • NC100100
  • ultrasound
  • safety

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