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Stenting for middle aortic syndrome
  1. A K JAIN,
  2. H K BALI
  1. Department of Cardiology
  2. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
  3. Chandigarh - 160 012, India
  4. email:

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Editor,—Most of the patients in the article “Stenting for middle aortic syndrome” by Rajszys et al had long lesions with significant peak systolic gradients across the stenotic segment. Primary stenting of the lesions significantly reduced the peak systolic gradients.1 We fail to understand the authors’ preference for anticoagulants over ticlopidine. Studies have consistently shown that use of antithrombotic drugs are far superior to anticoagulants, not only in lowering the incidence of stent thrombosis but also in preventing bleeding complications.2 The use of anticoagulants has largely been abandoned worldwide, even …

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