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Mycotic aneurysm of the ascending aorta following CABG
  1. M Prech,
  2. S Grajek,
  3. A Cieśliński,
  4. M Jemielity
  1. 1st Department of Cardiology, University School of Medical Sciences, Dluga 1/2, 61848 Poznań, Poland
  1. Dr Prech


Mycotic aneurysm of the thoracic aorta is a rare and life threatening condition. Two patients are presented (both male, aged 66 and 59 years) in whom coronary artery bypass surgery was complicated by the development of a mycotic aneurysm. Fever preceded the radiological and echocardiographic signs of the aneurysm by at least several months in both cases. Blood cultures were negative for one patient and the source of Corynebacterium sp infection in the other was not determined for several months. Both patients died before surgery could correct the aneurysm.

  • mycotic aneurysm
  • aorta
  • revascularisation
  • surgical complications

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