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1  Joint British recommendations on prevention of coronary heart disease in clinical practice December 1998;80(suppl 2):S1–29

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3  The cardiomyopathies: an overview M J Davies April 2000;83:469–74 (Education in Heart)

4  Troponin T or troponin I as cardiac markers in ischaemic heart disease S J Maynard, I B A Menown, A A J Adgey April 2000;83:371–3 (Editorial)

5  Intervention in coronary artery disease S Windecker, B Meier April 2000;83:481–90 (Education in Heart)

6  Coronary angioplasty is like going to the dentist B Meier May 2000;83:491–2 (Editorial)

7  Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy: diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment D Corrado, C Basso, G Thiene May 2000;83:588–95 (Education in Heart)

8  Left ventricular free wall rupture: clinical presentation and management J Figueras, J Cortadellas, J Soler-Soler May 2000;83:499–504 (Review)

9  Cardiovascular risks and outcomes: ethnic variations in hypertensive patients R Bhopal, S Sengupta-Wiebe May 2000;83:495–6 (Editorial)

10  The aortic root: structure, function, and surgical reconstruction M J Underwood, G El Khoury, D Deronck, D Glineur, R Dion Apr 2000;83:376–80 (Review)